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The new era of remote work will pave the way for countless teams — many of whom have never met in person — to create magic together.

But magic is not just about creating great work. It encompasses everything amazing that happens when teams come together, whether it’s collaborating on…

“I banned video meetings.”

“Say that again?” I asked the CMO of a successful, hyper-growth startup as we chatted about remote work.

“I had to ban video meetings for my 30-person team,” he said. “They completely destroyed my team’s creativity and morale. We just talk on the phone now. …

Video calls are now part of everyday life — more than ever, given recent events.

Yet the basic design of a business video call hasn’t changed since Bell Labs demoed the Picturephone at the 1964 World’s Fair. It’s still essentially a telephone with a camera. Why is nothing changing? …


Video calls designed for energy, ideas and action.

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