5 ways our team uses Around for better meetings

Tips from those who know Around best

1. A room for every occasion

2. Pre-meeting vibes

3. All the thumbs up emojis

4. Always be hand raising ✋

  • Less stress
    Because raised hands are respected and everyone is able to provide thoughts before the conversation continues, there is no need to worry that a comment will be missed or that the conversation will shift and it will no longer be relevant.
  • Fewer interruptions
    On a video call, it can be difficult to judge when a person has finished talking due to issues like lag. As a result, unintentional interruptions are much more prevalent. With raising a hand and waiting to be called on, those issues become a thing of the past.
  • More polite
    When multiple people have hands raised, the person speaking is able to see how many people are waiting to talk and are therefore encouraged to be concise so everyone has the opportunity to speak.




Video calls designed for energy, ideas and action.

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