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“I banned video meetings.”

“Say that again?” I asked the CMO of a successful, hyper-growth startup as we chatted about remote work.

“I had to ban video meetings for my 30-person team,” he said. “They completely destroyed my team’s creativity and morale. We just talk on the phone now. We’re looking for a solution, but at least the team is productive again — for now.”

I wanted to change his mind. Instead, I decided to listen. And I realized I didn’t have to explain our vision at all.

Why? Because he’s part of a generation of leaders that actually recognizes…

Video calls are now part of everyday life — more than ever, given recent events.

Yet the basic design of a business video call hasn’t changed since Bell Labs demoed the Picturephone at the 1964 World’s Fair. It’s still essentially a telephone with a camera. Why is nothing changing? Because the UX has to be compatible with legacy room conferencing installations, TVs on walls, and expensive old-world accessories.

Perhaps that works fine for a workplace designed around corporate offices and a culture of “status update” meetings.

But there’s a bottoms-up counterculture brewing in business. Modern B2B software needs to be…


Video calls designed for energy, ideas and action.

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